12 apples a day keeps the doctor away


Johnny Strange managed to set another new Guinness World Record live on stage!
Johnny Strange set another Guinness World Record live on stage with his show, ‘The Institution of Human Marvels’, whilst performing at Tattoo Jam 2013. Johnny Strange enlisted the help of event host Paul Sweeney to set an official live Guinness World Record. 

Johnny Strange successfully managed to cut 12 apples out of Daniella D’Ville’s mouth with a running petrol chainsaw in one minute – to see more jaw dropping videos, you can visit the official Johnny Strange Youtube channel.


See more on this record here: 


This is what Skin Deep Magazine had to say about Johnny Strange;

“The king of the Sideshow is back, bigger and better than ever. Watch quick witted Northener, Johnny Strange, hit the stage with his unique style of entertainment, performing death defying stunts and jaw dropping world records. It’s the show you can afford to see, but can’t afford to miss”.

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