International Sword Swallowers Day 2015

johnny strange internationa sword swallowers day 2015 ukIt seems there’s a day to celebrate everything; World Hugging Day (21st Jan), International Talk Like A Pirate Day (19th Sept), National Pizza Party Day (15th May) and of course – International Sword Swallowers Day.
It’s that time of year again, the day once a year where sword swallowers from around the world simultaneously demonstrate their unusual skills. Held on the last Saturday every February at 2:28pm, in conjunction with National Swallowing Disorders Month, sword swallowers participate in “the big swallow”.

This year Johnny Strange performed various sword swallowing stunts at EventCity, Manchester, to celebrate International Sword Swallowing Day 2015. He performed in Dr. Phantasma’s 10 in 1 travelling Illusion Show who holds host to classic sideshow illusions from around the world such as “the giant bat”, “the man eating chicken”, “the infamous blade box”, “the girl with no middle” and more.

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TV2 (Hungary)

johnny strange filming for TV2 (Hungary)Back to back from France Johnny flew over to Hungary for a pit stop where he appeared on the largest commercial television channel in Hungary, TV2.


Here he spoke about some of the bizarre and unusual things he is able to do with his body such as swallowing stainless steel swords to the bottom of his stomach and lifting heavy weights using his super strong pierced ear lobes. Johnny was back in Budapest performing at Lurdy ház, Exhibition halls for the second year running.



First aired February 2015, video courtesy of TV2 news production company.


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Modified men

Johnny Strange and Rolf BuchholzJohnny has been performing in France for the last few days, where he met up with Rolf Buchholz.


Rolf holds the Guinness World Record for ’the most body modifications’ and is a suspension master, having performed in excess of 200 suspensions. He also has a staggering 453 piercings in his body, making him the most pierced man in the world; including 25 in his eyebrows, 31 in his ears and 94 in his lips. Not forgetting his other body modifications which include; tattoos from the neck down, scarification on his face, stretched ears and two implanted horns on his head.


Johnny Strange also had time to catch up with American actor, Robert LaSardo, and Pascal “l’homme tatoué” Tourain – Pascal also very kindly assisted Johnny on stage for one of his sword swallowing stunts, removing a swallowed sword from Johnny’s throat.


Image by Philippe Guilloud


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