Traditional storyteller and modern stuntman

sword swallower johnny strange

In a recent article by MediaZink Johnny Strange was dubbed a “traditional storyteller and modern stuntman”, the feature goes on to say;

“Johnny captivates and bewitches his audience with his charm …he tells jokes and stories from all the places he has experienced over the world.

“When you see him walking on the street you will not immediately connect Johnny Strange with freak shows, performing and sword swallowing. Johnny is calm, happy, friendly and outgoing – although he could have the eyes of a sorcerer. He manages to entertain, educate and inspire his audience while performing his dangerous stunts on stage.

“In total Johnny Strange currently holds 8 Guinness World Records for his unusual skills …in a way he has always been performing, it’s just now the audiences are much bigger.”

You can read the full article over at;

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Sideshow by the seaside

Johnny Strange and Eve Elle performing a chainsaw stunt

Johnny Strange’s Theatre of Wonder recently hit the seaside town of Great Yarmouth. Sword swallowing, fire dancing, the bed of nails, pierced weight lifting, glass eating and much, much more featured in this theatre spectacle.

With the sideshow siren, Eve Elle, making her debut appearance in the show – she performs stunts so dangerous your mother would slap you for even thinking about them and has a fire routine so hot she could make the devil sweat.

She also has nerves of steel as Johnny performed one of his signature stunts and chainsawed an apple in half held in-between her teeth, pictured.
Image by Laura Tovell.

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