Convention Tattoo Aix 2016

Fresh back from Cezanne, France, Johnny Strange has just finished performing at the 2016 Cezanne Tattoo Convention AKA Convention Tattoo Aix.


Between performing stunts such as fire eating, whip cracking and hammering nails into his face he managed to catch up with l’Homme Tatoué, The Tattooed man, Pascal Tourain and The American Hustler, Richie Bulldog.


Image by World Tattoo Events and Spot The Spirit Photography.




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Modified men

Johnny Strange and Rolf BuchholzJohnny has been performing in France for the last few days, where he met up with Rolf Buchholz.


Rolf holds the Guinness World Record for ’the most body modifications’ and is a suspension master, having performed in excess of 200 suspensions. He also has a staggering 453 piercings in his body, making him the most pierced man in the world; including 25 in his eyebrows, 31 in his ears and 94 in his lips. Not forgetting his other body modifications which include; tattoos from the neck down, scarification on his face, stretched ears and two implanted horns on his head.


Johnny Strange also had time to catch up with American actor, Robert LaSardo, and Pascal “l’homme tatoué” Tourain – Pascal also very kindly assisted Johnny on stage for one of his sword swallowing stunts, removing a swallowed sword from Johnny’s throat.


Image by Philippe Guilloud


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France gets a thumbs up


Life on the road can be fun but tough, Johnny has just visited France for the second time in as many months. Whilst there he spent a handful of days performing small intimate cabaretshows before headlining at Dermochrome Festival, soaking up the sun and swallowing down the swords.


He also got to meet a fascinating man by the name of Pascal Tourain, a true walking art piece and fellow performer who performs a one man show titled “L’homme Tatoué” (The Tattooed Man), His body is tattooed from the neck down with old Sideshow banners depicting sword swallowers, armless knife throwers and human pincushions as well as portraits of Joseph Merrick The Elephant Man, Mac Norton The Human Aquarium and the entire cast of Tod Browning’s “Freaks”.

You can check out more great Images by Win Photos over at;


As usual France gets a big thumbs up from Johnny (and Pascal Tourain) but for now the tour continues. Johnny is continuing his travels East, his next stop – Austria.

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Vive la France




I’ve been having a blast performing in Strasbourg at The Wounded Carnivale, here is an amazing live photograph of me taken by the ever talented Nicolas Eschbach.​

I performed two shows at The Wounded Carnival over the weekend and both recieved a fantastic reaction. A great line up with fantastic acts, a fantastic audience and of course fantastic music (with disks being spun by Vladimir Spoutnik) – I even found the time to visit the Notre Dame de Strasbourg and snap a few photos which can be seen on my Instagram page, over at my official Johnny Strange Instagram page

Next I’m working my way down to the South of France for my next set of shows. Vive la France!

See more of Nicolas Eschbach’s photography at; 

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European tour 2014

johnny strange chainsaw and apple

Johnny Strange’s 2014 European tour is fast approaching and so far confirmed countries include the UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria and Sweden with more events being added daily, usually being first announced on the Johnny Strange official Facebook page, so if you havent done already Like & Share the page with your friends and keep your eyes peeled.

So it’s time to hit the road again, starting with France where Johnny will be performing in Strasbourg, East France, right on the border to Germany, then making his way down towards Pamiers in the South of France.

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