johnny strange

Johnny Strange fell in love with the circus at an early age, quickly developing his skills in juggling and balancing tricks before honing them as an amateur escapologist, this lead to him becoming fascinated with victorian sideshows and the history of freak shows. In the years following Strange improved on his juggling skills; working his way up from juggling clubs to fire, then to knives, then to running chainsaws. He also mastered a wide variety of sideshow acts such as sword swallowing, the human blockhead, laying on a bed of nails, sharpshooting, eating and breathing fire and precision whip cracking.


Fast forward to 2012 and “Johnny Strange’s Theatre of Wonder” was born, a variety show hosted by and starring Johnny Strange along side a rotating cast of high class circus, sideshow and freak show performers including; snake charmers, strongmen, knife throwers, contortionists and aerial performers.


Johnny Strange has since toured extensively around the globe, performing shows and providing motivational speaking seminars in over 20 countries world wide, displaying his unique and breath-taking skills from Aberdeen to Abu Dhabi, Stockholm to Southampton and everywhere inbetween. 2013 saw the completion of a successful six-month European tour which spanned over 3,500 miles and covered the UK, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France and The Netherlands.


Famed for his innovative stunts, his live shows often include variations of sword swallowing such as swallowing a magnet then retrieving it by swallowing a sword, swallowing a 2,000 volt glass neon tube which can be seen glowing through his skin from the inside and swallowing curved or wavy blades. Other stunts include feats of speed where he tests the reaction time of the jaws of a bear trap against the speed of his hand, performing multiple chainsaw stunts, target whip cracking routines and precision marksmanship with crossbows.


An acclaimed figure in the UK’s variety performers scene, Johnny Strange holds multiple Guinness World Records for his unusual skills. He gained the nickname “the man with ears of steel” after setting the official Guinness World Record for ‘the heaviest weight lifted by pierced ears’. Guinness soon challenged him to attempt ‘the heaviest vehicle pulled by pierced ears’, Strange accepted their challenge and managed to pull a Cessna 172-P aircraft 20.4 feet using his pierced ear lobes. After setting this new record Strange became the only person in history to hold records for both the ‘the heaviest weight lifted by pierced ears’ and ‘the heaviest vehicle pulled by pierced ears’ at the same time.


Some of his other Guinness World Records include; ’The most apples held in the mouth and chainsawed in half’, ’The most apples chainsawed out of someone else’s mouth’, ‘The most animal traps released on the body’, ‘The fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks on the body’ and ‘The most melons chopped in half on somebody’s stomach (with a samurai sword while they lay on a bed of nails)’.


In 2014 Johnny Strange once again made headlines after performing a unique sword swallowing stunt in Brussels, Belgium. Johnny became the first person to swallow a sword inside the Globe of Death when he swallowed a 17 inch long solid steel blade standing inside a cramped 5 metre round cage as a motorbike rode vertical and horizontally around him. Mediazink later published an article on this stunt saying; “Johnny is no stranger to performing amazing stunts” and that “[he has] already earned himself numerous world records”.


Today Strange continues his work as a performance artist, professional daredevil and motivational speaker and it is his great privilege to share his message and experiences with hundreds of thousands of people all over world.

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