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An Apple A Day…

johnny strange guinness world record most apples cut with chainsawIn 2013 Johnny Strange set the world’s first official Guinness World Record for “The most apples held in the mouth and chainsawed in one minute”. Johnny successfully managed to chainsaw eight (8) apples from his own mouth in 60 seconds with a petrol chainsaw which earned himself entry into the 60th anniversary Guinness Book Of Records, you can see his record in the section, ‘Professional Performers’ (page 108). He also managed to break the record for “The most apples chainsawed out of someone else’s mouth in one minute” (12 apples) too.

Image courtesy of Paul Michael Hughes/ Guinness World Records.

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Tattoo Jam 2014

Back by popular demand, this weekend Johnny Strange will be bringing his show The Institution of Human Marvels to Tattoo Jam, they will once again grace the stage at Doncaster Racecourse to perform a series of brand new stunts.

Last year at Tattoo Jam 2013 Johnny Strange set the official Guinness World Record live on stage for “The most apples cut from someone else’s mouth with a chainsaw in one minute” – you can check out the full video over at Johnny’s Youtube page at;

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Guinness Book of Records 2015

Johnny Strange Guinness book of Records 201512 months worth of planning and organising finally came to head with the launch of the Guinness Book Of Records 2015 earlier this week. But this was no ordinary Guinness book launch, this book celebrates a whopping 60 years of record breaking action for GWR.
The latest edition features Johnny Strange in not just one, not two, but three different sections; ‘Show of Strength’, Performers’ and the ‘No Pain, No Gain’ sections of the book!

Three of his records that feature this year’s book are world’s firsts official Guinness World Records including the first official Guinness World Record for ‘The heaviest weight lifted by pierced ears’ which he set in 2013 at the prestigious Doncaster Racecourse in West Yorkshire.

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Sweden and Denmark

johnny strange and robert lasardo in denmarkJohnny Strange has just come back from performing shows in both Sweden and Denmark. Whilst in Denmark he performed at Christiania in Copenhagen also known as ‘Freetown’, a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents, covering almost 85 acres in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital. While there he had the pleasure of working along side actor Robert LaSardo, where he managed to snap this quick picture right before jumping on stage. You can find more about it over on his Facebook Page at;

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Amir khan Foundation launch

amir khan foundation sword swallower johnny strangeLast night Johnny Strange performed at The Hilton Deansgate hotel in Manchester for boxing legend & former world champion, Amir Khan, at a red carpet event to officially launch the Amir Khan Foundation (Charity Number 1158078). A number of well-known celebrity faces, as well as 500 high profile guests from across the country attended the sell-out event including ex-Bolton Wanderers star Kevin Davies, TV presenter Charlie Webster, basketball star John Amaechi and stand-up comedian, actor and show host Omid Djalili.

The Amir Khan Foundation will provide crucial support to disadvantaged young people in the UK and worldwide and successfully managed to raise a staggering £218,000 for the new charity. The foundation is about to begin building an orphanage for 250 children in Gunjur. Amir also plans to sink a vital well in the area to provide fresh water.

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Busy, busy, busy but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

johnny strange sword swallowerNext in the schedule Johnny Strange will be performing in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Brussels and Alkmaar – along with UK appearances in East Grinstead, Chatham, Blackpool, Dundee, Glasgow Oxfordshire and Kent.

He will once again be gracing the stage at both The Brook Theatre for The Cabaret of Curiosities and The Fool n Angel for Adams Apple Cabaret. As well as a packed schedule of filming and photoshoots. Keep an eye on his Facebook Page for individual event dates & times, and if your in the area, come and catch a show and say hello!

You can find my Facebook Page at;

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The Blue Moon Revue, Isle of Wight

johnny strange neon swordFresh back from Amsterdam Johnny Strange performed on the Isle of Wight with The Blue Moon Revue. Riding high on the success of four consecutive sold out shows in association with the Guildford Fringe Festival, The Blue Moon rose once again at it’s home, The Apollo Theatre on The Isle of Wight.

The Blue Moon Revue put together a great line up featuring a whole host of international performers, award winners and the very best of the Isle of Wight’s talent. Johnny performed along side Violet Blaze, Tahlullah Manhattan, Quinny Sin, Griffin & Jones, Lily Elixir, Isabelle L’Amour, Hannah Brewer and host comedian Alex Watts.

Yoppul posted a review of the show, saying;

“Not shy of showing off his unique bodily talents, Mr Strange proceeded to swallow a variety of different shaped swords, and even a glowing neon tube, seen to full effect with the stage lights turned off.”

“From the start it was clear that the audience loved every minute of the show, with many performers receiving a standing ovation. The Blue Moon Revue has truly injected new life into the Apollo Theatre; bursting with talent, the founders have created a hugely entertaining and liberating show.”

The event was held in the wonderfully quaint venue The Apollo Theatre, a volunteer run operation that has brought fantastic theatre shows to the Isle of Wight for the past 40+ years.

Images by Jenna Taylor Photography. 

You can read the full review by Yoppul here;

blue moon revue cast

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The Netherlands & Tattoo Planet Magazine

johnny-strange-chainsaw-sideshowThis week Johnny Strange has been performing back over in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

While there he met up with photographer extraordinaire Gordon Meuleman, who sent over an Issue of Tattoo Planet Magazine (issue  #88) that had published photos of Johnny he had taken back in April while he was performing in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Unfortunately time is short so Johnny didn’t stay for long and is almost ready to hit UK soil again, this time he will be on the Isle of Wight performing at the Apollo Theatre with The Blue Moon Revue who have put together a great line up featuring a whole host of international performers, award winners and the very best of the Isle of Wight’s talent. Featuring Violet Blaze, Tahlullah Manhattan, Quinny Sin, Griffin & Jones, Lily Elixir, Isabelle L’Amour, Hannah Brewer and host Alex Watts.

You can grab your own copy of Tattoo Planet Magazine over at;

Additional image by Gordon Meuleman.

johnny strange tattoo planet issue 88



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Austria and The Legend of Kava Kava

Johnny Stange and Constantin Luger try Kava Kava

Johnny Strange has just come back from Austria, where he spent time hanging out with some fantastic people in Linz and visiting the Clock Tower with his friend Sara in Graz. He was also invited to take part in a traditional Samoan ‘Ava Ceremony, thanks to his friends over at Le Segaula Tatau who were also visiting Austria. They invited Johnny and performer Constantin Luger over to join in.

The ‘Ava Ceremony is usually reserved for honoured guests and includes the consumption of Kava Kava, the juice from the roots of a pepper tree – It is thought that Kava Kava is one of the reasons why the people of the South Pacific Islands are known as some of the happiest and friendliest people in the world. So there it is, drink some Kava Kava.

johnny strange in austria
But obviously we couldn’t talk about Austria without mentioning the Graz Tattoo Convention, which Johnny performed at while there, along with Constantin Luger and featured special guest Mario Barth, whilst being covered by Music News Independent Magazine.

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France gets a thumbs up


Life on the road can be fun but tough, Johnny has just visited France for the second time in as many months. Whilst there he spent a handful of days performing small intimate cabaret shows before headlining at Dermochrome Festival, soaking up the sun and swallowing down the swords – including his dreaded wavy “serpents sword” kris blade, pictured. (Images by Win Photos)


He also got to meet a fascinating man by the name of Pascal Tourain, a true walking art piece and fellow performer who performs a one man show titled “L’homme Tatoué” (The Tattooed Man), His body is tattooed from the neck down with old Sideshow banners depicting sword swallowers, armless knife throwers and human pincushions as well as portraits of Joseph Merrick The Elephant Man, Mac Norton The Human Aquarium and the entire cast of Tod Browning’s “Freaks”.














You can check out more great Images by Win Photos over at;


As usual France gets a big thumbs up from Johnny (and Pascal Tourain) but for now the tour continues. Johnny is continuing his travels East, his next stop – Austria.



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