Distraction Penalties with The F2

Johnny Strange teamed up with Dream Team FC to put The F2 Freestylers through their paces in their ‘distraction penalties’ video.


Johnny Strange and a bunch of familiar faces, including The Wealdstone Raider and Terry Noble, a couple of pin up models, the “horny morph” and an angry police dog put Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch’s penalty skills to the ultimate test.


Video first aired Thursday 4th August 2016.


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Powys Charity Tattoo Convention 2016

Another year, another great convention. This time Powys Charity Tattoo Convention, Wales, raised a staggering £5500 for The Riley and Jensen Foundation, St John’s Ambulance and The Royal British Legion. Everything from lip sync battles to prize auctions (…and even an auctioned off live beard shaving) helped make it another great success.

Johnny Strange was part of the line up of entertainment for a second year running, along with a whole host of other variety performers and musicians – Roll on 2017!


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Convention Tattoo Aix 2016

Fresh back from Cezanne, France, Johnny Strange has just finished performing at the 2016 Cezanne Tattoo Convention AKA Convention Tattoo Aix.


Between performing stunts such as fire eating, whip cracking and hammering nails into his face he managed to catch up with l’Homme Tatoué, The Tattooed man, Pascal Tourain and The American Hustler, Richie Bulldog.


Image by World Tattoo Events and Spot The Spirit Photography.



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Officially Amazing: Egg cracking challenge

Johnny Strange appeared on CBBC’s ‘Officially Amazing’ TV show recently where, after settling down for an impromptu BBQ with presenter Ben Shires, he demonstrated some impressive hand-eye coordination with a 6ft bullwhip.


He took on their egg cracking challenge by attempting to whip some eggs into a frenzy in a bid to break another Guinness World Record.


Check out the “cracking” clip below to see how he got on.


First aired: 19 May 2016


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Liverpool Tattoo Convention 2016

liverpool tattoo convention sword swallower

Performing at The Liverpool Tattoo Convention for the second year running, Johnny Strange braved the UK heat wave (and the Liverpudlian’s) to deliver his comedy fused danger show.

Employing the use of chainsaws, bear traps, swords, whips, a hammer and nail and of course a few select audience volunteers he took us to the edge of sanity, and right back again.
Hosted by Boston’s own, Richie Bulldog, The American hustler – this was the 9th Liverpool Tattoo Convention, and arguably the biggest and best one yet!
Image by Steve Mannion Photography. Check out the video below to see Bex Cision’s video blog on the weekend.

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Sword Swallowers Day 2016

Johnny Strange celebrated International Sword Swallowers Day 2016 at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! in Blackpool this year.

Sword Swallowers Day is one day every year where sword swallowers from around the world gather at Ripley’s Believe it or not! museums to demonstrate the art of sword swallowing.


He demonstrated the ancient and deadly art of sword swallowing for spectators throughout  the day before wowing the audience by attempted to set his ninth, and so far possibly his most dangerous, Guinness World Record to date. He managed to swallow a stainless steel blade measuring a phenomenal 61cm long, just over 2 feet in length, to the bottom of his stomach.
Image by Jordan Gott

Check out what some of the press said about it here;
The News Shopper
Kent Online
The Reporter
Lancashire Telegraph

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A Valentines Day Budapest

Johnny Strange has just come back from Budapest, Hungary, with Eve Elle were they performed a series of shows with the Theatre of Wonder at Lurdy Haz.

Over the weekend the duo performed an alternative form of Valentines Day entertainment for attendees of the 6th International Budapest Tattoo Convention, the largest one to date.
This show also marked Johnny Strange’s 4th performance at the convention in as many years, and once again proved
to be an audience favourite.

You can check out the video below to see parts of the show as well as seeing what the weekends event also had to offer, Video by Bagaba27.


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Adrenaline Junkies

Johnny Strange recently had the pleasure of sharing the stage with fellow ‘adrenaline junkie’, Parkour founder and all round adventure-man, Sebastien Foucan.

The two were performing as part of ITV’s Big Day Out at the legendary Heythrop Park, Oxfordshire.

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