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Johnny Strange is a unique and talented performer with almost a decade of performing experience behind him, he has performed in over 20 countries around the world and delivers high quality entertainment, nail biting suspense and lots and lots of laughs. He has appeared on several TV shows, radio stations and in numerous printed articles, both nationally and internationally, as well as travelling extensively on tour with several productions which has allowed his fan base to flourish.

Johnny’s shows contain no nudity, no foul language and no violence making them ideal entertainment for any age range, another reason why Johnny has an ever growling list of reputable and satisfied clients and is repeatedly booked time and time again. Understanding that at first some of his acts can be perceived as being too shocking is very important to Johnny Strange, so to prevent this, he presents everything in an upbeat and humorous manner, laced with jokes in shows designed to entertain and educate rather than to repulse and disgust.  Available acts can include;

  • Sword Swallowing – the ancient art of swallowing a steel sword to the pit of the stomach. 
  • Neon Sword Swallow – Swallowing an illuminated 2000v glass neon tube.
  • Knife Juggling/ Chainsaw Juggling.
  • Chainsaw Stunts – cutting an apple out of his mouth with a running chainsaw …whilst blindfolded.
  • Pierced Weight Lifting – lifting extreme weights and pulling vehicles via carabiners placed through his ear lobe piercings.
  • Escapology – escaping from police issue handcuffs, padlocks & chains and even a regulation straight jacket.
  • The Human Blockhead – hammering & drilling objects into the centre of the skull via the nose.
  • Feats of Speed – testing the speed of his hand against the reaction time of the steel jaws of a bear trap.
  • Whip Cracking – a bull whip routine with a twist, splitting targets placed in his mouth or the mouth of a brave volunteer.
  • Fire Breathing & Fire Eating – performing advanced fire skills such as vapour transfers, body burning and extinguishes.
  • Sharpshooting – performing amazing trick shots with pinpoint accuracy using a loaded crossbow. 
  • Dangerous Balancing – balancing a running lawnmower on his face while the audience throw paper objects into the blades.

and much, much more.

If you are interested in an act not listed above please Contact us directly as the above list only contains Johnny Strange’s most requested acts. All of these acts are real and have taken many, many years of training to master – they should not be attempted unsupervised, doing so will pose the risk of injury and even death. 

Johnny Strange has mastered a huge repertoire of unusual skills including; dangerous juggling, whip cracking, pierced weightlifting, fire breathing, fire eating, several chainsaw stunts, prop manipulation, multiple balancing stunts, feats of speed, precision sharpshooting and escapology as well as numerous classic sideshow and fakir stunts such as the human blockhead, mental floss, sword swallowing, bed of nails, walking on broken glass, glass eating, human pincushion, swallowing razorblades, knife throwing, human chopping block, eye hooks, blowtorch/ cigarette extinguishing, angle grinding and many, many more.


Johnny Strange & Katie Trickett

Danger Duo

Want to double the danger, why not book Johnny Strange and Katie Trickett to perform their Danger Duo show? 

The pair have been performing together across the globe as a danger duo for many years and can offer a double act show to suit. More stunts, longer shows, lots of laughs. 

The Double act is a fast-paced, comedy daredevil, whirlwind of a show featuring the combined talents of Johnny Strange and Katie Trickett. Along with the above acts the show can also include:

  • The Bed of Nails – laying unharmed across a bed of 667 solid steel nails- one more dangerous than the devil himself.

  • Razor Blade Swallowing – swallowing a set of razor blades and a length of cotton then miraculously removing them neatly strung together.

  • Tennis Racquet Contortion – squeezing the body through not one but two tennis racquets decreasing in size but increasing in difficulty.

  • The Bed of Blades – laying upon a bed of six solid steel machetes whilst chopping various fruit and veg upon the human body without injury.

  • The Ladder of Swords – carefully climbing barefoot up the ladder of swords, each step like standing on a razor sharp tight wire. 

  • Contortion Box – twisting and contorting the body into a 45cm perspex cube.

  • Sword and Dagger – perfectly balancing the edge of a sword on the very tip of a dagger whilst its being held between the teeth.

  • Walking on Broken Glass – walking across shards of smashed bottles without a scratch. For the parents in the audience who know that there is one item which beats them all for foot pain-walking on Lego is a new addition to this act.

  • The Electric Chair – An act that will inject 250,000 volts of comedy into your event with its unique blend of humour, science and audience participation.

  • The Blade Box – Part contortion, part danger. This act involves contortion the body around multiple steel blades whilst trapped in a sealed box. 
  • Knife Throwing – performing amazing trick shots with pinpoint accuracy using a several large throwing knives. 

and much, much more.

Having performed in many countries at all types of events including for the Mayor of Chang-ping in Beijing, large International conventions and on cruise ships, the show is fully flexible and can range from 5 minutes to 2 x full 45 minute shows depending on your requirements and venue suitability. The show, despite the danger element, is family friendly and suitable for all ages. It does not contain foul language, nudity or bodily injury.